YOU really saw the big picture

of what I was trying to achieve, and then helped me to get there. I'm extremely pleased with the final result! I plan to work with you on a novel I'm working on. Thank you for your great work. | Mark J., 2017


Your comments and advice, in addition to the corrections that you made to my grammar and use of language, will help me to significantly improve the strength and quality of my argument and I feel much more confident now in taking it forward. Thanks again. | Steven B., 2018

SHe has been the gluE

that has held my writing together in the couple of months we've been working together! I have enjoyed working with her; she always understands the point I am trying to make. She gives more than just an edit and proofread; she goes above and beyond to give me wonderful feedback! I will continue to work with her in the future. I do not know her personally but I feel like I have gained a friendship with her. | Kathryn T., 2017

Another great work

by Kathryn. Given the length of the document, I am very appreciative that she remained focused on the broad subject and tried to make it consistent in almost every detail. Again, a laudable work! I am grateful of that. | Rudy L., 2017

Katie seemed to have a near complete understanding

of the nuanced subject matter and the study in question, which was a surprise! She performed best. No one has been better than her. Thank you for the sophisticated work. I will keep you as my preferred editor. | Chongan J., 2018

Brilliant--thoughtful, very helpful.

Thanks ever so much. Especially for picking up the most dynamic parts of the writing--that's very powerful. Excellent ideas. Please don't ever quit! | Thomas B., 2018

Every point the editor makes

is worthy of reconsideration on my part. Many thanks. | Mika S., 2018

Katie is a very reliable and responsible editor.

Her work is rigorous, detail-oriented, and logical. I am satisfied with the service
and would be happy to recommend her to my colleagues. | Barry J., 2019

I’m speechless! 

This is beyond my expectations. You are tuned into how I want the content to flow, as well as allowing for a bit of personal edge. I have felt that previous editors were not ‘listening’ to my writing. With you, I got a renewed and refreshing angle, as well as thorough and
very intelligent comments. Seriously... this is jaw-dropping. You are thorough and passionate about your work.It inspires me! Your comments make me think. | Ann, 2018

My manuscript is now a lot more structured and cogent.

I really appreciate the time and effort she spent working on this! | Omar I., 2017

There is no doubt

that Kathryn is a professional and sophisticated editor. She is also very considerate to clients and the potential readers of my article. Thanks to her comments, I am enjoying reconsidering my writing and trying to overcome my linguistic limitations in order to better phrase my articles. The best editor I've ever worked with! | L.R., 2017

I am very pleased

for the work this editor has done! These are my first blog posts, and finding this professional editor is going to make all the difference. The corrections and feedback have taught me a lot already. Since I am not native English speaker (it's my third language), I still have a lot to learn to become a good writer. I will ask Katie to review all my posts from now on. I appreciate her approach. | Linda R., 2017

Wonderful edits!

As always, Katie is detail-oriented editor with a broader perspective!! Thank you very much for your work. | Stephan A., 2017

for this piece to turn into what I hopE

is only possible with Katie's help. She was with another client so I had to wait a couple of days until she was available to edit/proofread a piece but I would have waited a week! She's my main girl. | Gemma V., 2017

I got to know more about how to write

an essay with your guidance! Thank you for your instructions!  | Sara W., 2018